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Aircraft Manager Evaluation

Manager Select

Your organization owns a private jet and has trusted, or is looking to be able to trust, an aircraft manager or management company to operate your valuable asset.

Are you confident that your (prospective) aircraft manager employs the best strategies and practices to best serve you, to preserve your asset’s value and to ultimately maximize your ROI?

Jet Advisors’ Manager Select™ service is a process-based operational validation designed to verify the soundness of your asset’s operation, to protect its value, and to assure the maximization of its ROI. Jet Advisors’ highly experienced team will provide an in-depth review of all the managers’ systems, to include analysis of Accounting, Flight and Maintenance Records to provide you, the aircraft owner, the assurance and confidence that your private jet will be operated efficiently while maximizing value.

For a confidential discussion about how this program can work for you, contact Jet Advisors at 617.600.6868.