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Falcon 200


Dassault Falcon 200



Private Jet Photo Dassault Falcon 200 exteriorIntroduced in 1982, the Dassault Falcon 200 derives from the Falcon 20s.  Do not let age overshadow this mid-size business jet’s competitive capabilities. The Falcon 200 features powerful engines as well as a distinctive design that integrates larger fuel tanks.

The Falcon 200 is outfitted with two Garrett ATF 3-6A-4C engines rated at 5,200 pounds of thrust each. The jet is capable of reaching a certified flight ceiling of 42,000 feet and can fly at a high-speed cruise of 460 ktas.

Promised to employ the most advanced analog and electromechanical equipment of the manufacture year, the avionics system found in Falcon 200’s varies with age. Today, most have been upgraded to dual Collins VHF 20 comms, VIR 30 navs, dual DME, dual transponders, Collins AP 105 autopilot and Sperry Primus 400 color weather radar.

Private Jet Photo Dassault Falcon 200 interiorFalcon 200s have surprisingly large cabins, giving newer competition a run for their money. The cabin measures 23.8 feet long, 5.7 feet in height and 6.1 feet in width. Eight to ten passengers fit comfortably in a double-club arrangement, or a club, divan and individual seat configuration. A galley and lavatory are additional features.

For an older model, the Falcon 200 still competes well with brand new aircraft, and without doubt for a more reasonable price tag. The Falcon 200 is certainly a well-made, high-performing jet that can easily be upgraded with the latest equipment.