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Honda Jet | Private Jet | Buy a Honda JetThe Honda Jet, classified as a very light jet (VLJ), combines revolutionary design with a truly unique buyer experience.  Best known for its automobiles, Honda had dreams of bringing the dealership experience to the business jet industry.  Honda made buying a private jet as easy as buying a car by incorporating the dealership atmosphere, sales people and customer service in their jet experience.  The Honda Jet was being developed commercially by 2006.

The Honda Jet’s design is worth paying attention to.  Instead of positioning the engines on the aft fuselage, as typical business jets do, Honda mounts its engines on pylons attached to the upper wing.  This potentially maximizes interior space (without increasing the overall jet size) and increases the aerodynamic efficiency by 5 percent.  By eliminating high-speed drag, the HondaJet is able to fly at faster speeds, and is exceptionally fuel efficient.

Another characteristic unique to the Honda Jet is its custom engine from GE.  The GE Honda HF120, a joint venture by Honda and GE, supplying 1,880 pound-force of take-off thrust.  It also employs the first ultra-compact Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC) system for its class.  This provides outstanding efficiency and reliability.

Honda does not disappoint in terms of the Honda Jet’s performance.  Its maximum cruise speed at 30,000 feet is 420 knots true airspeed.   It has an initial climb rate of 3,990 feet per minute.

Private Jet Photo HondaJet interiorDue to the Honda Jet’s unique engine mounting, it has a spacious cabin for a very light jet, measuring 17.8 feet in length, 4.94 feet in height and 5 feet in width.  These dimensions allow adequate space to accommodate two crew and five passengers, or one crew and six passengers.  Some amenities include reclinable leather seats, cup holders, tray tables, extra leg room and multiple storage compartments throughout the cabin.  The Honda Jet features two external baggage compartments: 9 cubic feet in the nose and 57 cubic feet in the aft.

Honda is redefining the business jet acquisition experience by providing a unique state-of-the-art design.  The Honda Jet is a combination of style, comfort and innovation, without sacrificing performance or efficiency.