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Invoice Validation

Manager Review

Comprehensive & Informed

You excel at everything you do. Are you certain your aircraft management company meets the same standard? The esoteric complexities and finely tuned judgments necessary in aircraft management, and more importantly, in sage financial stewardship, require a highly experienced organization to meet an exceptionally conscientious standard of excellence.

To better serve business jet-owning CEOs and executives like yourself, Jet Advisors has assembled a team of the leading minds in aircraft management to conduct a novel, process-based evaluation which provides the aircraft owner with the benefit of keen, experienced eyes.

Our comprehensive Manager Review program was developed to measure the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the operation of your aircraft. The program is designed to review the management of expenses in order to maximize resale, or optimize revenue (as needed).
VolTraq Invoice Validation

Manage Expenses

  • Invoice audit and correlation
  • Chargebacks reviewed for fairness to owner
  • Maintenance efficiency assessment

Maximize Resale

  • Protect your investment – look for excessive wear and tear

Optimize Revenue

  • Optimize vs. maximize revenue
  • Receive ALL the charter revenue


To learn how Jet Advisors Manager Review can deliver peace of mind and assurances you deserve, contact

Kevin O’Leary at 617.600.6868