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VolTraq™ Invoice Validation

Comprehensive & Continuous

You excel at everything you do. Are you certain your Aircraft Management Company meets the same standard? The esoteric complexities and finely tuned judgments necessary in aircraft management and, more importantly, in sage financial stewardship, require a highly experienced and exceptionally conscientious standard of excellence.

To better serve business jet-owning CEOs and executives like yourself, Jet Advisors has assembled a team of the leading minds in aircraft management to develop a new, process-based program which provides the aircraft owner with keen, experienced eyes.

Our comprehensive invoice validation program was developed to measure the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the operation of your aircraft. The program is designed to manage expenses, maximize resale, and optimize revenue (as needed).
VolTraq Invoice Validation

Manage Expenses

  • Proactive Invoice Validation
  • Verified Correct Before You Pay
  • Maintenance Management

Maximize Resale

  • Protect Your Investment

Optimize Revenue

  • Optimize vs. Maximize Revenue
  • Receive ALL the Charter Revenue


Manage Expenses

We review all potential expenditures every month, from cabin supplies and cleaning to maintenance and upgrades. As experts, we have the knowledge needed to evaluate the benefits of these expenses while weighing the costs, and we consistently watch out for the Jet Owner’s best interest in every decision. We treat your money like it is our money!

VolTraq™: Proactive Invoice Validation

4 Systems to Protect the Owner

  • FuelTraq™:Fuel Management System
  • MxTraq™ Operating & Maintenance Management
  • CharterTraq™: Optimize Revenue
  • AcTraq™: Maximize Resale


FuelTraq™: Fuel Management System

Fuel is the often the largest cost center in aircraft ownership. Our proprietary FuelTraq™ system watches worldwide fuel prices and compares them to our Jet Owner’s costs. The system will locate the problem and give alternatives for more efficient fuel purchases, The system works to forecast the best prices for upcoming trips as well as validating the cost of fuel paid for recent trips.

MxTraq™ Operating & Maintenance Management

Our team employs a well-defined maintenance process developed from our experience overseeing the largest managed fleet in the world. We request the use of an RFQ process for each shop visit and constantly monitor each input to an outsourced maintenance facility. We also insure that all required maintenance is performed at the highest level of efficiency while maintaining the maximum level of quality.

Verified Correct Before You Pay

Every invoice will be scrutinized for potential mistakes, overlaps, and validity. Before you send the check, Jet Advisors’ experts will make sure each item or service was necessary, completed professionally, and that the charges were reasonable, customary, verified correct, and cost-effective.

  • Proactive Invoice Validation
  • Verified Correct Before You Pay
  • MxTraq™ Operating Cost Management


CharterTraq™: Optimize Revenue

Optimize vs. Maximize Revenue

VolTraq Invoice Validation
The most important component of managing an aircraft is insuring that the revenue is optimized not maximized: an increase in gross revenue without an associated increase in net revenue will not benefit the Jet Owner. In a charter arrangement, maximizing the gross revenue may increase expenses beyond the incremental net revenue and diminish the residual value of your aircraft. VolTraq™ has adopted an optimization philosophy for charter revenue that includes selection of profitable trips while maintaining a reasonable overhead expense structure.

  • Optimize vs. Maximize Revenue
  • Receive ALL the Charter Revenue


Receive ALL the Charter Revenue

Jet Advisors’ review includes watching over the use of and the bookings against the aircraft to ensure that the Jet Owner is paid their share of ALL revenue derived from the aircraft. There are times when an aircraft produces incremental revenue from an unscheduled paid trip (selling scheduled empty legs) or when not flying (cancellation or minimum usage fees). We believe ALL revenue (less commissions) derived from your aircraft belongs to the Jet Owner.

AcTraq™: Maximize Resale

Protect Your Investment

We are experts at aircraft valuations. Jet Advisors has an accredited senior appraiser on staff to ensure that each improvement decision that must be made has both current and future value. We use advanced analytics to isolate variables to determine the cost-benefit value for any optional improvements contemplated.

  • Protect Your Investment
  • Watch Usage Trends
  • Make Value for Your Jet


How VolTraq™ Works

Initial Review of Contracts & Agreements

  • 13 specific process-based evaluations of the aircraft manager’s internal systems, contracts, and related documentation
  • 30 specific process-based evaluations of the aircraft manager’s financial accountability and performance.
  • 4 specific process-based evaluations of the aircraft manager’s charter sales system.

Monthly Review of ALL Invoices, Revenue, and Expenses

  • All invoices, every month
  • All fixed cost invoices
  • All variable cost invoices
  • All charter-related invoices
  • All expenses of any type

Maintenance Management

  • Proactive requests for RFQs for all outsourced maintenance
  • On-site management of maintenance and upgrade events (on request)
  • Detailed review of all pro formas and final invoices

No Conflicts of Interest

VolTraq Invoice Validation

In many aspects of buying, operating, and selling an aircraft, there may be conflicts of interest between the service provider and the aircraft owner. Conflicting goals can lead to a win/lose transaction. Jet Advisors is dedicated to their aircraft owners and is paid SOLELY by them. Our recommendations are completely objective, even when it doesn’t benefit us.

  • Jet Advisors does not accept revenue from any other sources than our aircraft owners.
  • Jet Advisors does not accept payment from charter brokers or providers.
  • Jet Advisors does not receive benefits from maintenance or parts providers.

“Plane” and Simple – we work for the aircraft owner and no one else! We provide world-class research and experience, and we recommend only what the data reveals will balance our three main goals:

Optimize Revenue, Manage Expenses, Maximize Resale



“In the first 4 months after enrollment, I expect to save over $2 million on my engine overhaul thanks to VolTraq™.” – GV client


To learn how Jet Advisors VolTraq™ Invoice Validation can deliver peace of mind and assurances you deserve, contact

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