Air to Air Adventures

A Pilot’s/Owner’s “Bucket List” Must

With so many different angles and backdrops, the aviation industry boasts some of the most incredible photography.   Ever wanted your airplane photographed in action?   Maybe with a sunset in the background.   Or the dark, textured clouds at night.   Air to Air Adventures, a new business idea by Paul Bowen, now makes this possible.   It is one more item to check of your “bucket list,” and you’ll takeaway amazing pictures and memories.

Paul Bowen is a well-known aerial photographer.   With 37 years of experience, over 1,000 magazine covers and advertising campaigns, and four coffee-table books, Paul has mastered the art of photography in the skies.   His client list includes Bombardier, Cessna, Embraer Legacy, FalconJet and Gulfstream.   In a new business venture, he is putting to use his unmatched skills to photograph owners’/pilots’ prides-and-joy (their planes) from the seat of a B-25 Mitchell bomber.   Although not inexpensive, the experience alone is priceless.

Behind this venture lies a lot of passion for the aviation industry and its beauty.   Paul explains his inspiration: “I’ve been doing aviation photography for over 35 years and now that I’m in my sixties and the people I have photographed are retiring, I realized that they often credit the air to air experience as the highlight of their careers.”

To get the perfect shot, no pun intended, Paul directs pilots and crews through his headset and microphone, and hand-signals from the tail gunner’s position in the B-25.   Paul often flies in-sync with the photographic subject (the aircraft) in tight formations to achieve art at its finest.   His trademark, and area of expertise, is vortices.

Air to Air Adventures is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, comprised of a 30-minute ride in the B-25, a briefing, and finally a 90-minute air-to-air photo session.   Ground and interior shots can also be included with time permitting.   Southern California’s weather and backgrounds make it the optimum location to photograph, however the experience can be set-up all around the country.   Having plenty of experience under his belt, Paul has mastered his unique skill down to a science which makes the experience safe and enjoyable.   Air to air sessions are often claimed to be the highlight of airplane-enthusiasts’ careers by customers themselves.

The real appeal of Air to Air Adventures, Paul says, is this: “Part of the experience is stepping back in history when you step into the B-25.”   The 30-minute ride gives customers the opportunity to grab a hold of the wheel of a B-25, which is near unheard of.   “Businessmen have an opportunity to experience history and also have the end product of a unique picture of their aircraft.”

By taking part in Air to Air Adventures, customers walk away with a DVD of images of their airplane; four 24×36 photographic prints ready to be framed; four personalized books of your individual experience; and Air to Air Adventures memorabilia/logo wear.   Not to mention irreplaceable memories.

“[The business] gives me the opportunity to meet fascinating people and share my world with them.”

Some of the photography that Paul has shot can be viewed on the company’s website, as well as more detail regarding the experience and how to take part in it: