Airbus A318


 Airbus A318


Private Jet Photo Airbus A318 exteriorThe Airbus A318 Elite business jet was launched as a shorter range, lower cost option to the successful A319 ACJ.  The $45 million A318 is capable of a 4,000 nautical-mile range and .78 Mach cruise speed.  The ultra long range business jet also boasts a large cabin with room for pull-out-sleepers and sofas.

Two CFM International CFM56-5B9 high bypass engines provide power to the A318.  They each produce a forceful 23,300 pounds of thrust and are serviced “on condition.”  These engines are responsible for the A318’s competitive performance stats: .78 Mach cruise speed and 4,000 nm range.

The A318 is equipped with avionics manufactured by Northrop Grumman, Thales and Rockwell Collins.  The cockpit is centered around six 7.25-inch LCD displays.  Another advantage of the aircraft is its fly-by-wire and steer-by-wire capabilities.  Pilots have the option of manual control if a total electrical failure occurs.

Private Jet Photo Airbus A318 interiorAlthough the A318’s mechanics and design are impressive, its cabin steals the show.  It measures a lengthy 70.2 feet from front to back, 12.2 feet wide and 7.4 feet high, forcing passengers to forget they are even in an aircraft.  Seating 15 passengers comfortably, the cabin features 11 full berths, 4 pull-out-sleepers, and 7 pairs of individual facing chairs.  Also standard is a temperature control system divided by cockpit, forward and aft cabin, allowing for maximum comfort.

Besides the ACJ’s longer range, the A318 has all of its features for $10 million or less.  In addition to having a competitive range and cruise speed, the A318 features one of the best outfitted cabins.  Once aboard, it will be hard to leave the aircraft after landing.