Commercial Aviation Insurance

Jet Advisors provide commercial aviation insurance as well.  We design, source and place customized insurance based on the company’s specific needs. We understand that the same approach is not optimal for each and every operation, thus our customized approach. This sets us apart from other insurance brokers. Our first step is to understand our clients business, allowing us to find risks before there is an insurance need. Commercial aviation risks we insure include the following:
  •         FBO’s
  •         Maintenance Facilities
  •         Management Companies/Operators
  •         Charter Companies
  •         Fractional Ownership Companies
  •         Aircraft Flight Schools
  •         Parts Manufacturers
  •         Airlines
  •         Airports (Public & Private)
Our commercial clients enjoy individually tailored coverage, here are some of those coverages:
  •         Hull and Liability for Aircraft
  •         General Liability
  •         Products Liability
  •         Completed Operations Liability
  •         Hangar keepers Liability
  •         Professional Liability
  •         Negligent Instruction
  •         Airport Property
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