General Aviation Insurance

At Jet Advisors Insurance, we insure all types of aircraft. From experimental aircraft to large private jets. When it comes to insurance, your type of coverage matters. Jet Advisors Insurance can guide you through the buying process, coverage selection and implementation. We are here to help you protect your aircraft and yourself!

By providing you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each option, we ensure the selection is what works best for you. Depending on the qualifications of the pilot, as well as the type of aircraft being purchased, there may be a wide range in liability limits available in the marketplace. Training requirements in relation to the pilot crew are to be considered as well.

When it comes to rental insurance, Jet Advisors offers very affordable rates for pilots. This is extremely important to any pilot who consistently rents aircraft. Without non-owned coverage, a renter pilot would be exposed to uninsured events, particularly if the aircraft owner’s policy or flight school does not provide a waiver of subrogation for the renter pilot. By reviewing the contract with the flight school/individual providing the rental aircraft, we can inform you of various types of coverage and the costs associated.

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