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Aviation Consulting

Jet Advisors’ staff brings more than one hundred years of private jet experience to represent you in all of your private jet needs including aircraft acquisition, major inspection, seller’s representation, refurbishment, retrofitting, upgrades, cost analysis and future needs assessment.

We provide each customer with a concise financial analysis. This includes detailed estimates of operating costs using our state-of-the-art Flight Cost Analyzer which calculates projected costs using wind vector records and precise aircraft performance data. Jet Advisors then conducts a variance analysis to compare your costs with historic flights between identical city pairs to find discrepancies. Our experts also review fuel and administrative costs and present you with any possible overcharges to ensure that your private jet flight services are being conducted at a fair price. Additionally, you will be provided with a comprehensive “year in review” report.

For our clients interested in the purchase of private jets or fractional jet ownerships, Jet Advisors utilizes its financial data from past private jet transactions to provide you with accurate valuation estimates and cost projection information for your potential private jet purchases.

Situational Review Jet Advisors’ situational analysis determines if your present situation is still the best option for current and the future private jet use. Utilizing our unique benchmarking technology and wealth of private jet aviation knowledge and resources, Jet Advisors will present a detailed analysis of trends and shifts in your private jet usage, other jet aircraft available, and make recommendations for future travel.

Jet Advisors provides a wide range of services for the private jet industry. Whether it’s acquiring your first aircraft, or adding to your current fleet, our Acquisitions department can assist during the entire process. From appraisal and inspections, to fractional consulting, we guide you the entire way! Our Private Jet Index allows you to compare and contrast various models, ensuring you’re thoroughly considering all factors. Contact us today to help with any and all of your aviation needs!


Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to acquire a new addition to your fleet, Jet Advisors can help you find the perfect aircraft for your needs.


Get an expert, unbiased appraised on all types of aircrafts, from single engine turboprops to super long-range jets and everything in between.


Get the most out of your private jet usage with Jet Advisors’ unique benchmarking technology and wealth of aviation knowledge and resources.

Private Jet Index

Our data-driven tool allows us to pinpoint a customer’s aircraft needs based on empirical data concerning usage, performance, range, and a multitude of other factors.

Fleet Planning

Jet Advisors maintains several proprietary databases, and we put that information to work for you to ensure detailed analysis and real-world data-driven decisions.


Using our extensive experience and advanced analytics, we provide unbiased advice in both sales and jet listings to ensure our clients are making the best possible decision for their needs.