Jet Advisors was created with one goal in mind: to assist clients with their private jet needs. When it comes to sales or purchases, the market can be extremely difficult to navigate. It’s imperative to have someone in your corner to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. Using our extensive experience and advanced analytics, we provide unbiased advice in both sales and jet listings to ensure our clients are making the best possible decision for their needs. 


Each aircraft sale is unique. For this reason, Jet Advisors helps analyze your situation and provide an in-depth market assessment. We use this to create an optimized sales solution. Once the purchase agreement is in place, we offer services to review and ensure the contract works for you. 


During the selling process, Jet Advisors will feature the aircraft in our popular Private Jet Buyer’s Guide. This allows potential consumers to inspect and consider your aircraft, which helps drive the market price and ensure the clients needs are being met. 


Jet Advisors is solely paid by our private jet clients, ensuring we have no hidden agendas or backdoor deals. Thanks to our experienced sales staff, we ensure you’re getting the best return possible in the current market. The private jet sales market can be difficult to navigate, but Jet Advisors can help!