Boeing Business Jet 2


Boeing Business Jet 2


Private Jet Photo Boeing Business Jet 2 exteriorThe Boeing Business Jet is the product of a Boeing and General Electric joint venture to create a high performing aircraft. The first BBJ surprised customers and manufacturers by selling more than ever expected.  Introduced in 2001, the ultra-long range BBJ2 has 25 percent more interior space and two times baggage space. Also, named the next generation 737-800, the Boeing Business Jet 2 is 19.2 feet longer than the successful 737.

Capable of traveling large legs, the BBJ2 has a strong powerhouse.  It is powered by two General Electric/Snecma (CFMI) CFM56-7 engines. Each produces 27,300 lbs of thrust. 5,750 nautical-mile trips are possible at Mach 0.82.

The cockpit of the BBJ2 comes fitted with Honeywell’s digital avionics system with triple IRS and dual digital air data computers.  The panel is centered around six large screen EFIS LCD displays. The BBJ2’s technologically advanced cockpit includes dual FMS, dual Rockwell Collins Series 900 VHF comm/nav with DME, HF comms, ADF, GPS, MLS and WXR-700X weather radar.  Newer models also offer Flight Dynamics HGS 2000 HUD.

Design-wise, the BBJ2 closely resembles the B737: its low swept wing, under-wing engines, vertical fin and retractable tricycle landing gear.  Making corporate, long-range missions possible, the BBJ2 utilizes nine auxiliary fuel tanks.

Private Jet Photo Boeing Business Jet 2 interiorThe BBJ2’s cabin measures 98.3 feet long, 11.7 feet wide and 7.1 feet tall.  To get an idea of just how large the BBJ2’s cabin really is, it can seat sixty passengers in a high-density configuration.  However, it is optimized for eight passengers, giving them plenty of extra space.  The lavish interior features lounges, distinctive conference areas, a large lavatory with a shower, and comfortable sleeping accommodations.  Long missions utilize a separate relief crew lounge.  With a total cabin volume of 1,004 cubic feet, this aircraft gives most apartments a run for their money.

Based off not one but two successful jets, the B737 and BBJ, the Boeing Business Jet 2 offers competitive range, speed and operating systems in an equally large package.  This ultra-long range corporate jet is ideal for businesses that require frequent but productive trips, offering the tools and space to work on the road.  However, it is just as desirable to individuals who wish to travel large.