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Citation Mustang

Cessna’s Citation Mustang is at the high end of the VLJ market. It weighs in at just 8,600 pounds when loaded to its maximum takeoff weight, is certified for single-pilot operation, and has a range (when loaded with max fuel) of 1,167 nautical miles. In other words, it’s a workhorse.

The Mustang is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW615F turbofans. Pratt & Whitney created the PW600 series specifically for the VLJ market. The PW615F model produces 1,460 pounds of thrust and has been engineered to be more durable and easier to maintain. Cessna’s choice of engine translates into better overall performance, particularly in runway requirements and cruise speeds.

The Mustang’s required takeoff length at sea level when loaded to MTOW is 3,110 feet. This increases to 6,510 feet at an elevation of 5,000 feet and a temperature of 72°F. The maximum cruise speed for the Mustang is 339 ktas and the long range cruise speed is 319 ktas.

The Mustang can fly up to 1,007 nautical miles while carrying four passengers and required NBAA IFR reserves. Completing a trip of this length takes three hours and nineteen minutes and consumes 1,715 pounds of fuel.

The cabin, in comparison to other VLJ cabins, is quite large, although when compared to any other class of business jet it is quite small at 9.8 feet long, 4.5 feet high, and 4.6 feet wide. There are seats for five passengers, interior storage cabinets, a small refreshment center, and an occasional-use lavatory. Baggage space, inside and out, totals sixty-three cubic feet.

Most of the Mustang’s major systems are modified versions of systems that have been successful on larger Citation models. The avionics system, by contrast, is entirely new. Cessna chose the Garmin 1000 avionics suite for the Citation Mustang’s cockpit. It was expressly designed for use in VLJs, but lacks nothing that a larger business jet would require. The Garmin 1000 system includes full situational awareness capabilities, a high-performance autopilot, full weather radar, and Garmin’s new SafeTaxi system.

The Citation Mustang currently sells for $2.5 million, approximately $1 million higher than most other VLJs. The extra $1 million is well justified when all of the Citation Mustang’s capabilities are taken into account. As of the Mustang’s certification date, the estimated 250 customers who have confirmed orders for the aircraft agree that the performance is well worth the cost.