Falcon 20F


Dassault Falcon 20F



Private Jet Photo Dassault Falcon 20F exteriorDassault’s success comes from years of evolving and augmenting its aircraft. A great example of this is the Falcon 20 midsize business jet. Improvements between variants included greater fuel capacity and greater engine power. The final (and best performing) variant, the Falcon 20F, features a redesigned wing that improves landing and takeoff performance in addition to increasing fuel capacity. 230 Falcon 20F’s were manufactured from 1971-1983.

The Falcon 20F is powered by two General Electric CF700-2D-2 engines rated at 4,500 lbs of thrust each. The inspection interval is 5,000 hours. This is the same engine used in the 20E.

For a midsize business jet, the Falcon 20F is competitive in performance, largely due to Dassault’s constant improvements. At sea level, the 20F requires only 4,950 feet to take off. Its long range cruise speed is 399 ktas, while it can cruise 410 ktas high speed. With four passengers, the 20F has a range of 1,543 nautical miles. The aircraft typically seats a generous nine passengers.

The Falcon 20’s were originally outfitted with an analog/mechanical panel. Since then, the avionics system found in Falcon 20’s is almost always. A typical avionics suite includes the Collins Pro Line 4, dual VHF 20, four-tube EFIS, APS 30 autopilot, Dual VIR 30, dual ADF 60 and dual DME 40. Other included systems are Universal UNS-1M or Global GNS-X FMS and Sperry Primus 400 color weather radar.

Private Jet Photo Dassault Falcon 20F interiorFrom aboard the aircraft, it is difficult to tell the Falcon 20 variants apart, as they are all very similar. The cabin measures 5.7 feet in height, 6.2 feet in width and 24 feet in length. Able to accommodate eight to ten passengers, the space is configured in either a double-club arrangement or a club-divan-individual combo. A forward galley and full-width aft lavatory are included.

For a relatively older midsize business jet, the Falcon 20F remains a promising contender in performance and comfort. And it’s obvious why: the 20F is a product of progression and fine-tuning. To put it simply, it is the final draft of the Falcon 20.