Gates Learjet 36A


Gates Learjet 36A



The Learjet 36 is the new and improved version of the Lear 35.  The 35’s boasting rights were a result of its range; the Lear 36 only expanded on that asset. It can fly 2,290 miles (1,990 nautical miles) nonstop. That means direct flights from San Francisco to Honolulu. Good handling characteristics, low fuel burn, and fast cruise speeds are part of the Lear 36’s assets as well.

Private Jet Photo Gates Learjet 36A interiorA maximum of ten passengers can travel in the Lear 36’s cabin. It is 10.8 feet long, 4.9 feet wide and 4.3 feet high. There are 27 cubic feet of internal baggage space.

The real strengths of the Learjet 36 are its range, takeoff, and cruise capabilities. Two Honeywell TFE731-2-2B engines provide 3,500 pounds of thrust, allowing the Lear 36 to take off in 4,972 feet. The maximum takeoff weight is pretty high as well at 18,300 pounds.

Components of the TFE731-2-2B engines are used in much higher-performing jets, adding to the 36’s credentials. The engine’s pressure compressors were taken from the Garret 660-series engine, which is used on 747s. Their turbine components come from DC-10s, and the high-pressure impellers are modified versions of the ones used in the TPE 331 and T76 engines.

The Learjet 36 has a relatively long range for a private jet and can cruise at speeds as high as 450 ktas, or 424 ktas with four passengers. Fuel consumption is excellent: the Lear 36 burns only 177 pounds of fuel per hour. For comparison’s sake, that is 14 pounds fewer than the Hawker 400XP and 64 pounds fewer than the Citation VI.

Private Jet Photo Gates Learjet 36A exteriorThere are a few other details that make the Lear 36 a popular private jet. First of all, it meets FAR part 36 noise standards, making it a kind of “good neighbor” at airports. Additionally, the avionics system is completely redesigned from previous models, giving pilots an uncluttered control panel that is easy to work with. Pilots have also commented on its agility and excellent performance capabilities.

The Learjet 36 is a high-performing business jet that meets the standards of excellence of a private jet in the Lear series. It is rare to find a private jet that can fly as fast, as far, or as economically as the Lear 36.