Gulfstream 200 | Article

Gulfstream 200

One of the first super-midsize business jets of its kind, the Gulfstream 200 belongs to a prominent family: the leader in large-cabin business jets.  However, the G200 was essentially “adopted” into the Gulfstream family after being developed by Israel’s Galaxy Aerospace Corporation (GAC).  The G200 was acquired by Gulfstream to adhere to customers’ needs for an aircraft with transcontinental range at .80 mach and lower operating costs.  The Galaxy could fill this void without forcing Gulfstream to create a completely new design.  Since GAC lacked the resources and marketing skills that Gulfstream was renowned for, Gulfstream was able to acquire the aircraft and rename it the G200.  By 2006, Gulfstream began completing G200s.

A pair of Pratt & Whitney of Canada PW306A turbofan engines provide the G200’s power.  The  engines produce 6,040 lbs of thrust each and are controlled by a dual channel, full authori ty digital electronic controller (FADEC).

The Collins Pro Line 4 avionics suite features a dual-channel autopilot, dual AHRS, and dual digital air data computers.

The G200 is strategically designed to increase performance in its category.  Using lightweight, composite materials to construct its frame, the jet’s aerodynamics are advanced and completely capable of carrying large loads.  The wings are also shaped in a way to increase range, speed and payload performance.  The wing’s flaps and two-section spoilers are both hydraulically actuated, enhancing slow-speed performance

As far as the interior is concerned, the G200 takes after the Gulfstream family in that it features a big, spacious cabin.  The cabin volume measures 868 cubic feet, making it one of the largest in its class.  The G200’s dimensions are 24.4 ft in length, 6.4 ft in height and 7.2 ft in width.  This space is comfortable for an eight-passenger, double-club arrangement.  The cabin also consists of a full-width lavatory, an aft and a forward coat closet and galley.  The external baggage area, which is also heated, measures 125 cubic feet

The G200s primary competitors are Bombardier’s Challenger 300 and the Hawker 4000.  Compared to these two models, the G200 is the most expensive at $22,775,000.  The Challenger 300 costs $20,971,000 and $20,889,700 for the Hawker.  In spite of its slightly steeper price, the G200 offers a few important advantages.  Its interior height is 0.2 ft larger than the competitors and slightly wider, adding to the G200’s passenger comfort

Overall, the G200 possesses many of the Gulfstream family’s key characteristics, making it a strong aircraft.  The G200’s specifications are very competitive with aircraft in its category, the Challenger 300 and the Hawker 4000, and it comes first in interior size.