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Hawker 750

The Hawker 750 is the newest member of the popular Hawker 800 series, the most successful series in Hawker Beechcraft’s history: more than 850 jets have been delivered to date. The jets in the 800 series have one of the industry’s best safety records. The 750 is extremely similar to the 800XP, save for one alteration: a baggage compartment replaced the ventral fuel tank, resulting in better runway performance. More importantly, The Hawker 750 costs $1.5 million less than the Hawker 800XP.

The Hawker 750 is a mid-sized aircraft with a superlight price tag.   It falls on the border between the superlight- and mid-sized private jet categories only because its price point is below $12 million.   Its cabin is the largest of any superlight private jet and is superior to most mid–sized cabin aircraft.   With a range of roughly 2,100 nautical miles, it holds the top position in the category of superlight jet range and still compares well in the mid-sized category. Fortunately for Hawker Beechcraft, the blend of super light- and mid-sized jet capabilities and performance turned out to be an opportunity in the private jet market.

The Hawker 750’s closest competitors are the Citation XLS+ and the Lear 45XR. The Hawker 750’s cabin dimensions outstrip both by a wide margin with cabin measurements at 21.3 feet long, 5.7 feet high, and 6 feet wide: 2.8 feet longer and .5 feet wider than the XLS+, and 1.5 feet longer and .9 feet wider than the Lear 45XR. The cabin can hold eight passengers and is furnished in the same style as the popular Hawker 800XP. Baggage has been increased by 68 percent, bringing the total baggage to 79 cubic feet.

Two Honeywell TFE731-5BR engines with 4,660 pounds of thrust each power the Hawker 750. Despite the fact that these engines provide 540 pounds more thrust than the PW545C engines that power the XLS+, the Hawker’s larger cabin still requires more runway than the Citation XLS+.   The Hawker 750 requires 4,696 feet of runway to take off at sea level and 7,094 feet at a high altitude and a temperature of 72 ° F.   The Hawker 750 beat the Lear 45XR runway performance at sea level but requires more at altitude.

After takeoff, the Hawker 750 can climb to 37,000 feet in nineteen minutes. At this altitude it can reach its high speed cruise of 447 ktas and a long range cruise of 402 ktas.   The XLS+ lags behind with a long range cruise of 354 ktas and a high speed cruise of 431 ktas. The difference in speed evens out when climb and descent times are taken into account: on identical 300, 600, and 1,000 nautical mile trips, calculated flight times for both jets were only minutes apart.

The Hawker 750’s payload when loaded to maximum fuel is another area where it noticeably stands out from the Lear 45XR. The Hawker 750 can haul 2,250 lbs of payload: 261% better than the XLS+ and 25% better than the Lear 45XR.

Overall, this $11.95 million dollar private jet offers a lot in terms of performance and passenger comfort. It has a large cabin and can fly further than its closest competitors, the Citation XLS+ and Lear 45XR.   The Hawker 750’s blend of superlight price, mid-sized cabin, enhanced baggage capacity, and economy has struck a chord with many in the private jet market. Hawker Beechcraft has already received forty firm orders for the jet. The first Hawker 750’s are expected go into service late in 2007, with the backlog of deliveries stretching into 2009.