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Jet Advisors President Featured in InvestmentNews Report

Kevin O’Leary talks status of aircraft market and a silver-lining

Banks bail out of jets

Broomfield, Colo. (PRWEB) February 11, 2009 – InvestmentNews correspondent Mark Bruno contacted Kevin O’Leary for a reliable overview of the current status of the aircraft market, especially after the negative press that corporations have been receiving.   Although the numbers speak for themselves, O’Leary acknowledged a silver-lining in the industry’s slump.

O’Leary told InvestmentNews, in an article entitled, “Banks bail out of jets,” that the aircraft market has experienced a rapid decline in the past few months after its steady fall in months prior.   In spite of this trend, O’Leary expressed that things are picking back up and the market will start to stabilize and then recover.   This means that the current situation may be a great opportunity to buy.   There are plenty of deals in the market and financing is becoming more readily available to potential customers.   A purchase would be a great investment for when the market does turn around.

Bruno quotes O’Leary in the article multiple times: “There are so few buyers out there at the moment, yet the number of sellers is growing constantly,” and again explaining, “If you want to move something right now, you have to lower your asking price to a number where a buyer just can’t say no.”

O’Leary also mentioned the large numbers of corporate jets for sale, growing from four or five last year to well over 30, and for prices up to 40% less.

The article featuring Jet Advisors President Kevin O’Leary, “Banks bail out of jets,” was published February 15 in InvestmentNews, and is also available at


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