January 2017 Newsletter

Jet Advisors founder, Kevin O’Leary, earns a Ph.D. in Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

The Ph.D. in Aviation program at ERAU was the first of its kind.  The program was created in 2010 to develop scholars who could produce research in the aviation field at the highest levels.  The program is a hybrid style combining on-campus residencies with online classwork to afford students the flexibility to live anywhere.  The program typically takes students 3 years of full time or 6 years of part-time work to complete.

O’Leary completed the Ph.D. program in just under 6 years of part-time work. The founder produced research on multiple topics such as a hard landings analysis at a major airline and a dissertation analyzing the safety culture of U.S. pilots.  The dissertation was a structural equation model designed to determine the causal factors in pilot errors.

How does this research degree help Jet Advisors’ clients buy and sell aircraft?

O’Leary, a 21-year industry veteran, realized that an aircraft purchase or sale decision should be made based on data, not conjecture.  The Ph.D. in Aviation program trains candidates how to properly collect, analyze, and present data to make the best possible decisions.  Since an aircraft purchase decision should be based on data that is properly collected and analyzed to support the decision process; O’Leary developed the Private Jet Index TM (PJI) which has a patent pending.  The PJI is a multi-attribute decision model designed to score, weigh, and compute the value of over 30 aircraft attributes, including market performance, into an index used to support an aircraft purchase decision.  This advanced aircraft decision tool will allow for more comprehensive decisions by including many attributes in the aircraft decision.

Jet Advisors, founded in 2003, (www.jetadvisors.com) will continue to offer aircraft acquisitions, brokerage, and consulting to support general aviation flight departments and aircraft buyers.  The company will continue to dedicate itself to providing the highest level of research for its clients.