January 2018 Newsletter

Embraer Legacy 600

The Legacy 600 has its heritage in the regional airline space.  Though this may not seem the most prestigious lineage for a corporate jet … let’s take a look at what buyers want and what they’d get with this aircraft.

Size Matters:  Let’s face it, what buyer doesn’t want a 40 plus foot cabin to move about during a long cross-country flight.  The Legacy 600 offers a reasonably tall and extra-long cabin that affords three seating zones much like their much more expensive large and ultra-long range aircraft.  The cabin is about 6 feet high and has a length of 42.4 feet.

Baggage: The Legacy 600 has one of the largest baggage compartments in the private jet space.  The 286 cu ft compartment can handle nearly 1,300 lbs of “stuff”.  This baggage compartment is double and triple the space afforded by its competitors.

Range: The Legacy 600 has about 3,000nm of range with reserves.  The performance is also very good out of high and hot airports making it an amazingly versatile aircraft.  Though other competitors have more range, the Legacy 600 can complete most missions non-stop throughout the USA and with such a great cabin, those trips allow the passengers to spread out.

Operating Costs: Due to its airliner pedigree, the Legacy 600 has a very low operating costs.  The other amazing feature of the Legacy 600 is the dispatch reliability.  This aircraft is ready when you need to travel.

Value: Overall, the value of a pre-owned Legacy 600 is difficult to beat.  For the operating costs of a super mid-sized jet, buyers can have the cabin of a large or even ultra long range aircraft.  The baggage compartment is one of the best in the industry, so carrying all the “stuff” buyers need is easily accomplished.  The most important statistic is the dispatch reliability.  These aircraft are stout and ready when the owners need to go.

There are currently 14 pre-owned Legacy 600s on the market ranging from $4.5M to $7.5M.  When you combine the purchase price with the low operating costs and the performance, this aircraft is difficult to beat.

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