June 2013 Newsletter

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Hawkers 750, 800 & 900XP


Hawker 800XP

Hawker 900XP Range, Hawker 800XP Range, Hawker 850XP Range, Hawker 750 Range

The Hawker 800 series began with the 800A, though perhaps the most well known model in the series is the third generation Hawker 800XP. The 800XP was designed to complete transcontinental & international flights but also has good short-range capabilities.

The Hawker 800XP can take off from runways much shorter than those typically required for private jet international flights; it requires 5032 feet of runway at sea level and 7952 feet at a 5000-ft elevation.

Hawker 850XP

The Hawker 850XP was certified in 2006, and its greatest feature is its design – specifically the addition of winglets, which creates a more aerodynamic aircraft than the 800XP. The 850XP climbs to 39,000 feet two minutes faster than its predecessor and can travel an additional 100 nautical miles. It completes cross-country trips (Teterboro to San Francisco, 2225 nm), and the aircraft requires less fuel to travel against headwinds. The Hawker 850XP also excels in cabin comfort – stand-up headroom, LCD lighting, touchscreen seat controls, fully berthable seats, plenty of storage.

Hawker 750

Hawker 900XP Fuel Burn, Hawker 850XP Fuel Burn, Hawker 800XP Fuel Burn, Hawker 750 Fuel Burn

The Hawker 750 was based on the 800 model. The 750’s biggest advantage is in its cabin, a fuselage-stretch modification first enjoyed by the 800 series. The cabin measures 21.3-ft long, 5.7-ft high, and 6-ft wide, which is plenty to accommodate 7 or 8 passengers, a forward galley, roomy lavatory, & a closet/baggage compartment. The 750’s engineers sacrificed range for improved runway performance – it can take off in 4696 feet at sea level and in 7094 feet at higher altitudes.

Hawker 900XP

The Hawker 900XP retains and then improves upon all of the 850’s advanced traits (fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, comfort, performance capabilities). The long-range business jet features an enhanced variation of the 850XP’s winglets, increasing hot/high altitude and cruise performance and range. In hot/high conditions, the 900XP requires 1800 fewer feet of runway for a 2000-nm trip with 6 passengers. It can complete coast-to-coast trips like Teterboro to Seattle. The 900XP features Honeywell TFE731-50R engines, which were designed specifically for the aircraft. The new engines offer increased climb performance and immediate maximum altitude (41,000 ft). 

Click here to see a trend graph displaying the average prices of the four Hawker aircraft discussed in this article.

Summer Vacation


Phenom 300, Embraer Phenom 300Are you traveling this summer? Our Trip Cost Estimator tool can help you plan your private flights. Tell us where you’re flying, your departure & return dates, how many people are flying with you, and what kind of plane you want to take you there. The Trip Cost Estimator will calculate charter, fractional card, and aircraft owner DOC rates for your trip. If you have access to several different aircraft types, you can use our Estimator to test which aircraft might be the best value for your trip. 

Below the Trip Cost Estimator form is a short contact sheet in case you want to talk with us about your travel needs. You don’t need to fill out the bottom form to get your trip cost estimates – just press the yellow “Search” button on the right side of the form to get straight to your quotes – but feel free to send us an email or give us a call.


June’s Featured Free Download: How to Buy a Jet


Buying a Private JetWe have recently upgraded our most popular download on aircraft acquisitions into a multi-page brochure entitled How to Buy a Jet. How to Buy a Jet explains how we approach a traveler’s needs assessment and advises potential buyers to consider what they value in regards to their private travel to guide them to the best service options for them.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you want a replacement aircraft, it’s important to evaluate your travel needs thoroughly and honestly. How have your trips changed since you began flying regularly? How are you expecting them to change over the next few years? What’s important to you in the private flying experience? Get started with How to Buy a Private Jet.


Blog Updates


G280 Gulfstream 280Our fractional blog features a series on what to know before signing a contract for a lease or fractional share on an aircraft. Our latest post, How to Exit a Fractional Program, outlines the steps that fractional owners must take when their travel needs change and their current fractional situation is no longer cost effective or the best way to meet their needs.

On the Forbes Business Aviation Voice blog, we’ve published a new piece on the Gulfstream 280 featuring several graphs comparing the G280 to other aircraft in its category.