Legacy 450 | Article

Legacy 450

Embraer employs some of the most forward-thinking engineers and manufacturers in the business. As a result, their Legacy line, currently in development, remains highly-anticipated.  Every single detail and need in the midlight category, down to the cockpit’s atmosphere to reduce pilot fatigue, has been relentlessly thought through and improved in the 450.  The Legacy 450 flies high above the rest in terms of performance, size, comfort and luxury; there is no comparison in its category.  Its first flight is scheduled for 2012 with entry into service in 2013.

The Legacy 450 is an aircraft of many firsts.  Boasting most of the traits attributed to larger jets, the 450 will still be capable of taking off and landing on shorter runways, making it completely versatile to get you anywhere you need to go.  The 450 will also get you there faster than any other midlight, capable of traveling at mach 0.82; and more comfortably, enjoying the tallest cabin height of 6 feet measured from a completely flat floor.  The Legacy 450 is also the first midlight to employ a full fly-by-wire control system, allowing fluid and immediate responses to pilot commands.  Pilots enjoy effortless operations, while passengers take in a smooth, tranquil ride.

Most impressive is probably the Legacy 450’s cabin.  The cabin’s spacious size trumps every midlight and even midsize jet.  Its measurements are 6 feet tall (unheard of in its class), 6 ft 10 from wall to wall and 22 ft 4 long.  The 450 can carry 2 crew members and 7 passengers in a normal configuration, or up to 9 tightly.  Additional size advantages include the largest lavatory and interior baggage compartment (40 cubic feet) in its class.

Passengers are sure to travel in style thanks to Embraer’s partnership with BMW Group DesignWorks USA in designing the 450’s cabin.  Able to choose from a number of interior seating arrangements and additional options, the environment feels as accommodating as home.  Seats swivel and fully recline to double as sleepers, and each enjoys an aligned window.  The lavatory gives passengers enough space to change and refresh, while a full refreshment center allows full-meal preparation.  The cabin comes outfitted with stowable dining and work tables.  It’s hard to compete with the epitome of comfort in the air.

Although the Legacy 450 brings exemplary luxury to air travel, it is not at the cost of performance.  The 450 outrivals its closest competitors.  It has a high speed cruise of mach 0.82, the fastest midlight jet.  Its range is 2,300 nautical miles and its flight ceiling rises to an altitude of 45,000 ft.  These numbers are made possible by Embraer’s choice to equip the 450 with Honeywell HTP7500E engines, producing 7,000 lbs of thrust.  Honeywell’s innovative “E” variant will deliver reduced emissions and better fuel efficiency.

The Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion TM flight deck will come outfitted in the 450.  Among its top-of-the-line avionics are full fly-by-wire controls, auto-throttle and a synthetic vision system.  Options include head-up display (HUD) and enhanced vision systems.

Embraer’s Legacy 450 is the ideal machine for the owner who wants it all.  The aircraft exceeds expectations in every area: speed, luxury, comfortability, efficiency and innovation.  With so much to offer in a midlight private jet, the sky is the limit for the Legacy 450.