March 2013 Newsletter

Spring Forward with Jet Advisors

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Spring Travel[sws_divider_line]

Learjet 60XR private jet for business aviationHere in Boston, the weather is turning kinder, and the ladybugs are ready for spring.  If you are planning to travel in the warmer weather – or even thinking about a summer vacation already – our Trip Cost Estimator tool might be helpful for you.  Plug in the location & date for both your departure and arrival, type of aircraft, and number of passengers, and we’ll automatically calculate charter, fractional card, and aircraft owner DOC rates for your trip.

We’ve also included a short contact sheet underneath the Trip Cost Estimator if you’d like to talk to us about your travel needs.  You do not need to fill out the bottom form to get your trip cost estimates – just press the yellow “Search” button on the right side of the form to get straight to your quotes – but feel free to send us an email or give us a call.


Free Downloads[sws_divider_line]

Gulfstream G100 ExteriorThroughout our website, you’ll notice a variety of buttons on the left side of the page.  Most of these buttons link to free downloads (sometimes called “white papers”) that we offer, such as our popular Top 5 List for people planning to buy a jet, which gives prospective buyers a list of things to watch out for in their acquisition quest.

Jet Auditing is a great way to protect your financial interests when you travel, no matter how you travel.  If you have fractional ownership or whole ownership, use a charter service, or otherwise fly privately, Jet Auditing can look out for you and your wallet.  We use our experiential and analytical expertise to make sure that you aren’t overcharged or paying for phantom procedures.  For a free download of our white paper on Jet Auditing, look for a big red button on our Jet Auditing page or head straight to our offer page for the Top 10 Reasons to Use Jet Auditing.

Blog Updates[sws_divider_line]

Forbes Business Aviation Blog

Gathered at the right for your convenience are the 5 most visited Forbes Business Aviation blog posts written by Jet Advisors President, Kevin O’Leary, starting from our debut on the Forbes blog – Private Jets: Efficiency Tools, Not Posh Luxuries.  We are working on new pieces for the Forbes blog at the moment, including pieces about the Pilatus PC-12 and the Global 5000.


Sweet Flights from JetSuite

Around the World with Magellan Jets



Fractional Blog

Our Vice President of Administration, David Beach, has been updating the Jet Advisors blog with profiles of companies offering charter & fractional services.  Since the beginning of March, we have written posts about relatively young companies and what they offer to their clients.  Our most recent post covers the 7-year-old company JetSuite, their fleet of Embraer Phenom 100s and JetSuite Edition CJ3s, and their 4-tiered membership program.  We have also written a profile of our neighbors in Quincy, Magellan Jets, and their jet card programs.

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