March 2017 Newsletter

The Hawker 400XPR

Textron’s factory modified aircraft, named the Hawker 400XPR, is an excellent choice for business jet clients looking for a jet that will fly non-stop cross-country.  The jet’s range is 1,950 nm.  Passengers will be able to fly a non-stop trip from New York to Los Angeles.  The new Williams engines allow the Hawker 400XPR to climb to FL450 in about 19 minutes.

A squared oval cabin with a flat floor that is 0.33 feet wider and taller than other private jet aircraft provides a comfortable flight for the passengers.   While the seating configuration for most private aircraft is 4 passengers, the Hawker 400XPR’s configuration will accommodate 3 to 4 more passengers depending on the configuration.

The XPR’s winglets increase wingspan by 2 feet.  Two Williams International FJ44-4A-32 engines optimize climb speed, range, fuel consumption, noise and carbon emissions.  An optional upgrade with a Garmin G5000 Integrated Flight Deck would improve navigation, safety, and flight management, while materially reducing weight.

The Hawker 400XPR has always provided a comfortable, smooth, quiet flight in one of the largest cabins in its class but now the 400XPR can boast superior runway performance and longer range too.