Marty Davis | Press Release

Former Raytheon Marketing, Sales Director to Assist Jet Advisors as Technical Advisor

Marty Davis, veteran of private jet sales and marketing, will be key advisor to jet brokerage company Jet Advisors. Company expected to implement new marketing strategies, increase sales in coming year.

Broomfield , CO. January 2, 2007– Jet Advisors announced the addition of Marty Davis to their staff. The company reports that he will advise in marketing and sales decisions on an on-going basis.

Mr. Davis has over twenty-five years of experience in the private jet sales business and will be a valuable asset to Jet Advisors as they modify their business approach.

The company’s new strategy will focus on the private jet sales and acquisition portion of their business. Although other services that Jet Advisors provides, such as checking invoices for accuracy and arranging chartered flights, will still be available, they will be of lesser importance in the coming year.

Mr. Davis has been very successful in the marketing and sale of private jets. Over the course of his career he has been responsible for over $1 billion in private aircraft sales. He worked as the Director of Used Aircraft in Raytheon’s Sales and Marketing Department for ten years, where he managed a $3.5 million operating budget. During his time at Raytheon, he increased sales by 35% in a single year and made modifications to the company’s problem inventory, which resulted in an $80 million reduction in corporate debt.

Another area in which Mr. Davis can be of help is in international private jet sales. He has seven years’ experience in the field and has won multiple awards for his sales achievements. Clients of Jet Advisors often fly internationally, and the company expects this trend to increase as it expands its client base.

For more information about the Mr. Davis’ position, or about the private jet sales and acquisitions industry, call the Jet Advisors staff or visit