January 2013 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Jet Advisors wishes everyone a happy & prosperous 2013!

With the new year comes new widgets on our website. The Private Jet Purchase Estimator and the Trip Cost Estimator are two new tools to help you plan financially for your travels.

Make sure to catch up with our posts at the Forbes Business Aviation blog as well!

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Private jet

Private Jet Purchase Estimator

Thinking about buying a jet? Want to get an idea of the purchase cost for different models before you narrow down your search?

Jet Advisors is proud to present the Private Jet Purchase Estimator, available on our website under the Private Jet Purchase menu tab.  Just select the  category of aircraft (from super long range to single-engine turboprop), the make & model, and the year of manufacture, and we’ll tell you the average value of that particular year’s model.  In addition, our Private Jet Purchase Estimator tool will report the minimum value from the earliest days of that model as well as the maximum value from the most recent serial numbers.


Trip Cost Estimator

Want to get a head start on planning your business trips (or vacations) for this year?  Try our Trip Cost Estimator tool, available under Aircraft Information.  Select the appropriate dates & locations for your departure & arrival, estimate the number of passengers, and select the type of aircraft to estimate the cost of the trip.  Our tool will estimate the costs of 1) an aircraft charter, 2) a fractional card trip, and 3) an aircraft owner’s direct operating costs.

Challenger 300


What’s the Best Jet for You?

Jet Advisors President, Kevin O’Leary, has recently begun writing & publishing a series on the Forbes Business Aviation blog on selecting the best aircraft for your unique travel needs.  The series outlines how Jet Advisors helps their clients find the best type of plane and the best service option based on where they need to go, how long they need to be there, and whom they need to take. In some situations, whole ownership is not the most practical option for a prospective buyer, and Jet Advisors has actually talked many people out of buying a jet.


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