February 2013 Newsletter

Happy February from Jet Advisors!


This month, Jet Advisors has been busy blogging and filing for patents.



Gulfstream G250

The Private Jet Index

We are applying for a patent on our Private Jet Index (PJI), which we continuously update with changes in the market.  The PJI is an analytic tool that we use as our objective guide when making aircraft recommendations to clients.  We designed the PJI to provide us with cabin and performance information for over 100 different models.  The Index also reports transaction history, Bluebook values, and estimated operation costs.

The Reverse Webinar

We are also patent pending on a technology and information platform called the Reverse Webinar.

What is it?

The Reverse Webinar is a quick and cost effective software-based process we can use to bring our aircraft database to life with industry experts. In our Jet Auditing™ program, we continually monitor the quality of the management of our client’s aircraft through financial & quality audits and qualitative analysis. Throughout this process, we record all that we learn about problem solving in our Aircraft Database.

At times, we need to efficiently tap into independent experience on specific models to understand how to solve certain situations. The Reverse Webinar combines our aircraft database with the experience of several experts on the specific aircraft type without the large infrastructure required by companies that would have this experience. This technology is our force multiplier!

Why does this matter?

Our clients benefit by having this experience and research available to them quickly and efficiently without the associated overhead of having expensive staff. For a nominal cost, our Jet Auditing™ program will use the Reverse Webinar to bring in the experts on specific problems rather than having them on staff. Bringing in the experts keeps our fees low and saves our clients’ money.


Blog Updates[sws_divider_line]

Jet Advisors

Jet Advisors is proud to present our new blog.  We are currently focusing on topics related to jet cards and fractional ownership of private jets.  Please follow the button to the right to read our posts on Flexjet and Flight Options.


Forbes Blog Updates

Over at the Forbes Business Aviation blog, we are continuing our Business Jet series with recent installments on the development and success of the Citation Excel and the Challenger 300.  We have also wrapped up our 3-part Best Jet For You series with a piece discussing the options available for placing a jet into service.


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