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There is no doubt that the world is facing difficult economic times. Businesses throughout every sector are experiencing losses and, in turn, cutting back on their production and workforces. Money is tight and nerves are fraught. The business aviation industry is no exception. There is a reduction in flight activity and overall demand, not to mention the overwhelmingly negative assumptions portrayed in the mass media.

It is often in times of strife that opportunities for growth and re-invention present themselves. The private jet industry is seeing such a shift—more particularly, a shift towards the charter market.

Due to a variety of factors—the sale or leasing of corporate fleets, aircraft owners placing their jets on Part 135 Certificates, and an overall reduction in demand—there is an influx of premium aircraft to the charter market.

These jets are being quoted at record low prices as operators are anxious to get their aircraft moving. It is currently possible to fly on a premium aircraft for less than you would typically fly on a significantly older model.

Take a look at this real-time sample quote:

Trenton, NJ [KTTN] to Palm Beach, FL [KPBI]

Model: Citation X
Year: 2007 Quote: $11,579

Model: Falcon 50 Year: 2000
Quote: $23,994

More and more, private flyers are turning to charter versus fractional and aircraft ownership. Not just because the charter market can currently provide the same level of aircraft and service at a significantly lower price, but because it allows individuals and corporations to continue benefiting from the increased efficiency and security of private jet travel, without the overhead of owning a jet, either wholly or as part of a fractional program. Clients can fly on a trip by trip basis, freeing up liquid assets. They can fly on any jet type, to anywhere, at any time.

Business aircraft allow for travel into and out of areas not serviced by larger, commercial carriers; they allow an executive team to visit multiple locations in one day; there is no other form of transportation that can accomplish what a private jet can. When time is of the essence, and so much is on the line, private jets continue to prove themselves as the vital business tools they were created to be. Now is the time to continue utilizing this valuable tool by turning to the private jet charter market.

–Nathan McKelvey,

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