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Here at Jet Advisors, we specialize in all things aviation. From helping customers through aircraft purchases, to booking charters, we do it all. As the aviation world continues to evolve, Jet Advisors will have the latest from the world of aviation via blog posts on this page. Stay tuned!

What’s the Best Jet for You? Part 2

This second installment in the Best Jet For You series delves into some of the service options available for business travelers, covering the basic pros & cons for using charter, fractional programs, and whole ownership.

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What’s the Best Jet For You? Maybe None At All

Considering buying a private jet in 2013? This first part in our Best Jet For You series explains how the Jet Advisors team examines a buyer’s travel needs to figure out the best type of aircraft & the best type of service for the client.

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Aircraft Makeover: Certifiably as Good as New

Kevin outlines the re-manufacturing evolution of the Mitsubishi Diamond I to the Beechjet 400 to the Hawker 400XP and now to the Nextant 400XT. The performance & acquisition price of the Nextant 400XT are major benefits for some buyers.

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Private Jets: Efficiency Tools, Not Posh Luxuries

The general public has an inflated perception of private jets, which is exacerbated by lifestyle television programs that only show posh aircraft with giant cabins & gold lavatory sinks. Jet Advisors President Kevin O’Leary discusses the reality & true value of most private jets in our first contribution to the Forbes Business Aviation blog.

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