Renee Baer | PR

Renee Baer Fills Position as Graphic Designer at Jet Advisors

Broomfield, CO. Janaury 2009. Renee has recently been hired by Jet Advisors to perform the duties of graphic designer. Ms. Baer has extensive experience in project research and development as well as serving several years in the United States Marine Corp.   Her experience includes public relations, project updates, research and other areas of expertise certain to be useful in her new position.

Ms. Baer graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design December 19th, 2008.

The addition of Ms. Baer as a member of the Jet Advisors staff reflects the ongoing growth of the company. Despite recent poor economic forecasts, Jet Advisors has experienced record demand for their services in the private jet brokerage, consulting, charter, and auditing portions of their business. Kevin O’Leary, president of Jet Advisors, is expected to expand the services offered by the company to include fractional jet partnerships.