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Jet Advisors Announces Addition of Private Jet Sales Expert to Staff

Sam Miller brings his years of jet sales, charter jet industry knowledge to company specializing in the sale, acquisition of private jets.

Broomfield , CO December 27, 2006 – Jet Advisors announced the addition of Sam Miller to their staff. Mr. Miller brings extensive knowledge and experience in the private jet sales market and will help increase the company’s jet sales/acquisition division.

Sam Miller will aid Jet Advisors in reaching new clients interested in purchasing or selling their private jets with his inside knowledge of the industry.

Previously, Sam worked for Cessna Aircraft, where he developed sold over fifty private jets, totaling more than $60 million. After his success in private jet sales, Sam became the manager of Cessna’s business jet sales department for the Southeastern United States. He developed regional marketing programs and strategies, and later coordinated Cessna’s business jet advertising program with a nationally known advertising agency.

“Sam brings an extensive knowledge of aviation experience, especially in private jet sales and financial modeling categories.” Said Kevin O’Leary, President. He plans to use Mr. Miller’s knowledge of the private jet sales industry to expand the sales department at Jet Advisors.

Selling or acquiring a private jet is a complex process that an increasing number of businesses and individuals are facing. Many choose companies specializing in private jet sales and purchases to guide them through the process or to find information about private jets for sale. Jet Advisors hopes to attract these first-time clients and see Sam Miller as just the man for the job.

In addition to his private jet sales experience, Mr. Miller will bring his knowledge about the financial aspects of the jet business to the Jet Advisors staff. He has received financial and sales training through two New-York based companies, Tom Blodgett & Associates and Merrill Lynch & Company. He holds a BA in mathematics from Hendrix College and has completed numerous courses in aerospace technology through NASA.

For more information about Sam Miller’s role in the aircraft acquisition and brokerage sector, or about Jet Advisors’ services, call the Jet Advisors staff or visit

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Jet Advisors was founded to assist Aircraft Owners/Buyers and Fractional Share Owners in managing their private travel needs. They are based in Broomfield, Colorado and currently charter flights to over 5,500 airports across the United States. They routinely handle private jet sales and acquisitions, negotiate charter cards agreements, and provide invoice auditing services to ensure that clients pay fair rates for charter services.   With one hundred years of combined industry experience and hundreds of aircraft transactions ,   Jet Advisors is able to provide the most accurate, insightful and objective information available.


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