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Ski Magazine Interviews Jet Advisors President about Private Jet Popularity

Kevin O’Leary was quoted in publication’s September 2008 article detailing perks and costs associated with flying by private jet

Broomfield, Colo. (PRWEB) February 9, 2009 –Jet Advisor President Kevin O’Leary was asked his thoughts on a rather growing trend in aviation: choosing private jets as an alternative commute to the ski slopes.   O’Leary was quoted in the article entitled, “Jet-Setters: Use Your Commute to Live the Highlife.”

Paul Tolme of Ski Magazine, a publication targeted toward ski enthusiasts, addresses two specific trends in the article that have recently fueled the surge in private flights: frustration with the increasing delays of commercial flights and proliferation of new ways to fly without actually owning a plane.   Due to elevated security at large airports, private jets also allow passengers to bypass security screenings and long lines.   The article quotes O’Leary as stating, “You’re not taking off your shoes and belt.”   According to the article, these indisputable perks have driven the popularity of private jet commutes, especially for the ski industry.

Also addressed in the article is the affluent typecast of private jet charters, however Tolme argues that “discount charter websites, fractional ownership of aircraft, online flight auctions, membership programs and companies that sell flight time by the hour have led to a gradual democratization of private air travel.”   Although more affordable and feasible than before, private jets will always be more expensive than flying commercially.

When asked about budget options for private flying, O’Leary was taken aback: “Budget? This will never compare to commercial flying on pricing.”

The article appeared in the September 2008 issue of Ski Magazine.   O’Leary’s expertise was among that of prominent managers and sales/airport directors in the private jet industry.

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