Unsolicited Emails

Jet Advisors Privacy Policy is simple: we do not share any client information with any other company.

We regret to inform you that our e-mail list may have been compromised by an e-mail service we retained last year.   Jet Advisors went to great lengths to ensure the privacy of our client information by requiring that a Confidential Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement be signed by this provider.   Despite this agreement and many verbal assurances, it would appear that this provider has begun to use our email list to send unsolicited mail to our clients.    We have been made aware of unsolicited emails ,through a company called Aircraftmarketplace, being received by some of our customers.   Aircraftmarketplace is the email provider that we had retained last year.

Jet Advisors has employed the law firm Shugart, Thompson & Kilroy to take whatever legal action is necessary to stop any unauthorized use of our confidential information. Stopping any unauthorized use of our e-mail lists and all other confidential or proprietary information is one of this companies highest priorities and we will take whatever action is necessary, criminal, civil or administrative,   to protect this information.

While we work to resolve this issue, you may receive unsolicited e-mails through AircraftMarketplace.    If these emails are unsolicited and you consider them to be spam you can report the company, sending the emails, as spammers.   Reports can be made to   spam@uce.gov.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your patience. We are currently working hard with our attorneys to resolve this matter as quickly as possible and to ensure that it does not happen again.