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New Website to Increase Private Jet Sales, Acquisition Business

Jet Advisors ’ new website aims to reach more buyers, sellers of private jets. Company hopes annual private jet sales will increase.

Broomfield , CO (PRWEB) December 27, 2006 – Jet Advisors announced the debut of their new website. It has been completely redesigned to attract individuals and companies interested in the acquisition or sale of a private jet. Jet Advisors hopes that the new website will expand their client network and boost their jet sales division.

The new Jet Advisors website will be available online today at It includes an expanded listings section with details about private jets for sale, as well as a research section with detailed specifications and reviews of dozens of private jets.

As a company specializing in private jet sales, Jet Advisors sees the website as another way to get the jets for sale into the marketplace. They expect that the new setup should give their clients’ jets for sale more exposure, resulting in a quicker transaction at a better price. Essentially, the wider the sector that has access to the private jets for sale that Jet Advisors offers, the better. “It will make us infinitely more visible.” said Kevin O’Leary, President.

Jet Advisors will use the redesign of the website as an opportunity to give its clients more information about the private jet industry. A part of the site recently completed lists all of the jets that are available to clients. Information for each jet is published, including articles analyzing its performance, technical capabilities, and pilot reviews.

Other additions include more detailed information about all of Jet Advisors’ services – private jet sales/purchases, fractional jet ownership, and invoice auditing. A more detailed history of the company has been posted, as well as biographies of all of the Jet Advisors staff. The informational newsletter, the Private Jet Buyer’s Guide, will be posted monthly.

For more information about the new website, or about private jet sales and acquisitions, call the Jet Advisors staff or visit

About Jet Advisors:

Jet Advisors was founded to assist Aircraft Owners/Buyers and Fractional Share Owners in managing their private travel needs. They are based in Broomfield, Colorado and currently charter flights to over 5,500 airports across the United States. They routinely handle private jet sales and acquisitions, negotiate charter cards agreements, and provide invoice auditing services to ensure that clients pay fair rates for charter services.   With one hundred years of combined industry experience and hundreds of aircraft transactions, Jet Advisors is able to provide the most accurate, insightful and objective information available.



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