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Buyer’s Guide

Jet Advisors Announces Release of Buyer’s Guide

New buyer’s guide to provide charter jet clients with inside information about the private jet industry, ownership of a private jet.

Broomfield , CO (PRWEB) December 27, 2006 – Jet Advisors announced the release of a Buyer’s Guide to its clients today. The guide is designed for private jet clients and aims to inform them of the latest developments in the private jet industry and will include listings of private jets for sale.

Articles will be created with the needs of private jet clients in mind, and will aim to inform them about issues related to the ownership and management of a private jet. Topics covered will range from aircraft reviews, private jet charter issues and how to avoid extra service charges.

Buying and selling private jets or a share in an ownership is complex process that can cost millions. As more business turn to chartered flights for their travel needs, their demand for information increases. The industry is a complex one, and understanding it comes only from years of work experience. It isn’t the type of industry that clients can tap into easily.

Jet Advisors hopes that its new Buyers’ Guide will meet this demand for information and assist its clients in making the right decisions by providing them with relevant, up-to-date information. “We designed the Private Jet Buyer’s Guide to assist clients with identifying the nuances of private jet acquisition and brokerage.” said Kevin O’Leary, President.

An article from the most recent issue compares the Citation Ultra jet, a popular choice for chartered flights, with a newer, similar jet, the Citation Encore. Another explains the complicated pre-purchase inspection process and gives advice on how to determine actual damage that used private jets have sustained.

A new edition of the Buyer’s Guide will be released each month on the Jet Advisors website and mailed out to all current and prospective clients. For more information regarding the Buyer’s Guide, or concerning private jet sales and acquisitions, contact the Jet Advisors staff or visit

About Jet Advisors:

Jet Advisors was founded to assist Aircraft Owners/Buyers and Fractional Share Owners in managing their private travel needs. They are based in Broomfield, Colorado and currently charter flights to over 5,500 airports across the United States. They routinely handle private jet sales and acquisitions, negotiate charter cards agreements, and provide invoice auditing services to ensure that clients pay fair rates for charter services.   With one hundred years of combined industry experience and hundreds of aircraft transactions ,   Jet Advisors is able to provide the most accurate, insightful and objective information available.


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