Citation Excel Performance


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Cessna Citation Excel

 [hs_action id=”6693″] Cessna Citation Excel, buy a private jet Cessna Citation Excel cockpit, private jet

private jet solutions®
Takeoff at Sea Level, feet 3,590
Takeoff at 5000′ 25°C, feet 5,770
Landing Distance, feet 2,909
Certified Ceilings, feet 45,000
Fuel Consumption, gallons per hour 217
Total Variable Cost $1,497
High Speed Cruise, knots 423
Range, Four Pax, Nautical Miles (NM) 1,657
600 NM Mission, Fight Time 1+31
1000 NM Mission, Flight Time 2+30
Performance Ranges (Full Seats/Full Fuel)
Airport Performance/Takeoff Distance.