Falcon 50 for share

Falcon 50 exterior


The Falcon 50 is perfect for those looking for a domestic or international travel solution in a modern, finely appointed aircraft.  The Falcon 50 offers luxurious travel amenities, with fine leather executive seating for up to nine passengers. At          full capacity, it can fly such non-stop itineraries as Teterboro, NJ to Los Angeles, CA.


Executive Seating

Up to nine passengers



Six black executive leather seats and a three-place fabric divan with grey carpeting and two toned dark brown woodwork.

Cabin Amenities

  • DVD and CD player
  • Airshow CD 2000
  • Flight phone
  • One 10.4″ video monitors
  • Mini galley
  • Microwave oven


Yearly Fee: $369,000 per year / up to 150 flight hours.

Hourly cost: $2,500 per flight hour (flight deposit will be required.)

Fuel adjustment: $600 per hour fuel surcharge.

Trip Fees: Client pays all associated trip fees including but not limited to: handling fees, ramp fees, overnight charges and catering.

Aircraft Base:  New York area.  Client may be required to return the aircraft to homebase after deadhead allotment is exceeded.

Notification period:

  • Five days.
  • Owner agrees to limit use to 150 hrs/yr.
  • Owner may charter aircraft to a third party if not reserved by Client within the notification period or with Client’s prior approval.

Term: 12 months renewable upon agreement.