Flight Time Discrepancies


Over the years, our invoice audits have revealed discrepancies in flight times which can cost you thousands of dollars.   Although there are valid reasons which might create a variance in flight time, you should be aware that inconsistencies can occur and review your invoices for potential errors.

One invoice audit we conducted showed that over a two-year period there were thirty-six discrepancies, an average of three-tenths of an hour per trip.  This was a loss of over 3 hours, which would have cost the customer $16,500.   Not all discrepancies were mistakes; some were justified by adverse wind conditions, weather, or traffic.   We only focus on the ones that have no such explanation: errors.

We compare your flight time to our system, which utilizes average winds over a thirty year period.   Variations will occur, so the best way to insure that the fluctuations in your invoices are normal and not due to errors is to:

  • Utilize an invoice auditing service which uses computerized flight computers to estimate flight time … you would be surprised at how accurate these systems are.
  • Manually keep track of your take off and landing times.
  • Check previous trips you have taken for the same departure and destination and compare flight times.

This may seem like a nuisance, but if you can save yourself $16,500 in a two year period, you should agree that it is a handsome reward for your invested time.