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Jet Advisors announces Jet Auditing service


Bedford, MA. December 11, 2012 – The advanced analytical aviation research and private jet brokerage company, Jet Advisors, announces Jet Auditing, a new service to help aircraft owners make informed financial decisions about their aircraft.


Jet Auditing focuses on managing expenses, maximizing resale, and optimizing revenue for the aircraft owner.  The service manages expenses by proactively reviewing the client’s aircraft invoices every month to ensure that all charges are accurate & fair and that any services performed were necessary & completed professionally.  Jet Auditing protects the owner’s investment by examining each improvement decision to ensure that it will maximize resale value, and works toward optimization of the owner’s revenue instead of maximization, so any increase in gross revenue without an associated increase in net revenue will be avoided.


About Jet Advisors:

Jet Advisors is an owner advocate professional firm founded to assist Aircraft Owners/Buyers and Fractional Share Owners in managing their private jet needs. The Bedford, Massachusetts-based company routinely handles private jet sales, acquisitions, fractional shares, and private jet consulting. With one hundred and twenty five years of combined industry experience and hundreds of aircraft transactions, Jet Advisors is able to provide the most accurate, insightful, and objective information available in each unique private jet transaction.



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