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Private Jet Purchase & Acquisition

Private Jet PurchasePartnering with Jet Advisors® in a private jet purchase means working with some of the industry’s most experienced private jet professionals.  Our experience in hundreds of private jet transactions and extensive technical and regulatory knowledge will enable you to find the exact private jet to meet your needs.

Jet Advisors analyzes each client’s unique situation to create a comprehensive needs assessment.  We then use this assessment to compile a list of the private jets that best suit your needs, complete with highly detailed and realistic cost projections for each option.  Your private jet search representative will then assist you step-by-step in the private jet acquisition process.

Jet Advisors supervises the entire private jet purchase process — identifying the best value is only the beginning.   We assist with the logbook inspections, pre-purchase inspections, modification supervision and establishment of services or flight department.   Our clients have a partner throughout the acquisition process and beyond.

With Jet Advisors’ extensive experience in private jet transactions, you can rest assured that your new private jet acquisition will be the best solution to your travel needs.

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