September 2013 Newsletter

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Embraer Legacy 600


Created in August 1969, Brazil-based aircraft manufacturer Embraer produces commercial, military, and executive aircraft. Embraer’s first product was the Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante, a turboprop transport, and the product line grew to encompass primarily military aircraft in the 1970s. In the mid-1980s, Embraer debuted the EMB 120 Brasilia, the first of the manufacturer’s successful small airliners. Embraer first entered the business jet market with the Legacy 600, certified in 1999 and entered into service in 2002.


Private Jet Photo Embraer Legacy 600 interiorThe Legacy 600 cabin is tailored with the business world in mind; this jet has three separate cabin zones to increase en route productivity. Embraer’s first business jet offers amenities like high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, 3-line phone systems, and power outlets so executives can stay connected. The cabin also includes two 17-inch flat screen monitors, DVD players, and fully reclining seats. Large windows and full LED lighting makes the 6-foot-tall cabin feel exceptionally spacious. The Legacy offers 240 cubic feet of in-flight accessible storage.




Embraer 600Embraer chose two Rolls Royce AE3007A1E high-bypass, turbofan, dual FADEC engines for the Legacy 600, each rated at 7,987 pounds of thrust. This allows the Legacy to travel 3,250 nautical miles at Mach .74 while carrying 8 passengers. The Legacy’s high speed cruise is 455 knots and its flight ceiling is 41,000 feet, and despite the great performance of the engines, they are extremely quiet and fuel-efficient.

Embraer’s goal with the Legacy was to bring the most innovative technology to aviation. They equipped the Legacy 600 with a Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite to reduce the pilot’s stress and workload. The Legacy 600 is ready to fly within 10 minutes and requires no upgrades for intercontinental flights.

The Legacy 600’s FADEC-controlled Hamilton-Sundstrand APU is available for the entire flight, aiding operations at airports with no support infrastructure. This business jet boasts highly reliable, low maintenance, heavy duty trailing link landing gear. Embraer’s Legacy is also outfitted with a digital break-by-wire system including anti-skid protection and carbon fiber brakes. In spite of all of these features, the Legacy 600 is relatively inexpensive to operate; its average costs compare with those of much smaller jets in the midsize class, such as the Hawker 4000 or the Gulfstream 200.

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