Newsletter 1.01

Re-introducing Jet Advisors

Welcome to the latest newsletter from the Jet Advisors team!

Jet Advisors, LLC, is a Bedford, Massachusetts-based company founded to protect the interests of the private aircraft owner.  We assist our clients in every financial decision regarding their aircraft.  Using our team’s industry experience and analytical tools such as the Private Jet Index™ and Jet Auditing, the aircraft owner can be confident that they have the most accurate and objective information to use in their decision-making process.


The Private Jet Index™

Jet Advisors maintains the provisionally patented Private Jet Index™ (PJI), which tracks changes in market trends.  We use the PJI in sales & acquisitions to help our clients choose the available aircraft that best suits their needs.

The PJI analysis compares on-market aircraft based both on what is generally desired in an aircraft and on the parameters most important to the specific client.  The PJI is constantly updated with changes to marketed aircraft, including price expectations, damage, completed maintenance, refurbishment, etc.  The PJI equips us with the most current, objective data to consider when advising our clients on a new acquisition.

Meet the team:



Jet Auditing

We offer our Jet Auditing services to help our clients save money on a monthly basis while keeping an eye toward long-term savings.  Through the Jet Auditing program, we manage our clients’ expenses by reviewing all invoices (prior to their payment) to verify that all fees charged match the services performed and that those services were necessary and executed properly.


Our valuation experts protect the owner’s investment by examining how every considered decision will affect the aircraft’s resale value.  We also watch to ensure that our clients don’t lose out on any of their due revenue from use of their aircraft.  The Jet Auditing program is guaranteed to save clients at least the cost of the program ($2K/month) in the first year.

Jet Advisors is an independent and unaffiliated company, and we are paid solely by our clients, the aircraft owners.  We receive no benefits from parts or maintenance providers.  We make our recommendations with only our clients’ needs in mind.

For more information about Jet Auditing & our other services, including fractional/card, acquisitions, and sales, please call us at 617-600-6990.