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October 2018

Recognizing when a Deal is Too Good to be True

The old saying ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ holds true in…

September 2018

Thoughts About Accepting Fleet Insurance For Your Aircraft

Most of us probably assume having a tooth pulled is easier than spending time…

July 2018

When Does it Make Sense to use Charter, Fractional or buy a Private Jet?

At Jet Advisors, we spend a sizable percentage of our time analyzing the…

June 2018

Pilatus PC-24

The Pilatus PC-24 is categorized as a Super Versatile Jet (SVJ) …

April 2018

Fractional Programs, Lease or Purchase

When anyone talks about fractional ownership programs they assume you must…

February 2018

Super Mid-Sized Competition: Not So Much

When the Gulfstream G280 was certified, it was supposed to be a strong competitor to the then…

January 2018

Embraer Legacy 600

The Legacy 600 has its heritage in the regional airline space.  Though this may not seem the…

2017 Newsletters:

November 2017

Comparison of the GIV to that of the GIV-SP

There are many times where the difference between new models of aircraft are minimal but marketed as large improvements…

October 2017

Colorado Sales and Use Tax Exemption Legislation for On-Demand Aircraft

The CABA board has taken on a new challenge this year with an aviation tax bill aimed at helping to stimulate continued growth in Colorado…

September 2017

Gulfstream Leaps Forward with the G500

It has been a few years since we last looked at the Kodiak, and in recent years it has seen some refinements in the design…

August 2017

Revisiting the Quest Kodiak 100

It has been a few years since we last looked at the Kodiak, and in recent years it has seen some refinements in the design…

July 2017

A Passion to Promote and Protect Aviation

Jet Advisors takes pride in being advocates for its clients.  This truly is more than just a mission; it is a passion for our employees…

June 2017

The Importance of a Thorough Insurance Policy Review

Given the competitive and soft nature of the aviation insurance marketplace, it is very likely you have…

May 2017

Best Doctoral Dissertation related to Aerospace Human Factors

Contributing to the general aviation industry’s safety culture with a doctoral dissertation on factors influencing pilot error…

April 2017

Most Business Jets Sold in the last 20 Years!

The definition of a successful private jet can be defined in many ways such as units sold…

March 2017

Hawker 400XPR

Textron’s factory modified aircraft, named the Hawker 400XPR, is an excellent choice…

January 2017

Jet Advisors founder, Kevin O’Leary, earns a Ph.D. in Aviation

The Ph.D. in Aviation program at ERAU was the first of its kind…

Older Newsletters:

October 2016

The Honda Jet

Honda is best known over the last 60 years for its dependable and innovative…

July 2016

Jet Advisors founder earns Ph.D.

On June 29th at the Daytona Beach, FL campus, Jet Advisors founder, successfully defended his dissertation…

May 2016

FAA Revitalization Act

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed a rule that overhauls…

April 2016

Regulating the use of Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has stated that special drone regulations…

March 2016

The Value of a Professional Pilot

It was clear Saturday afternoon at Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA when the emergency vehicles mobilized…

January 2016

Fractional Programs: 2015 in Review

It appears, following a review of current industry data, that the three major fractional aircraft program providers…

December 2015

Business Aviation is Gaining Altitude

The 2015 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention was held from…

October 2015

Fueling Your Jet Has Been Getting Cheaper – Is That About to Change?

The cost of Jet A is a big driver of the cost of flying privately, and no matter what the current price is…

September 2015

It’s 1995 Again in the Fractional Aircraft Market

Roughly 30 years ago a statistician (Richard T. Santulli) from New York developed a plan for shared ownership of aircraft…

July 2015

Avantair – A Good Idea Goes Wrong

Avantair was founded in 2003 as the only all turboprop fractional provider…

June 2015


The Citation XLS, with a cabin length of 18.7 feet, the ability to fly up…

May 2015

The Haker 800XP

The improvements in cruise and climb speeds, runway performance and weight limits…

April 2015

The Cessna Sovereign

For a jet that has been on the market since 2004, the Cessna Sovereign has quite a legion of fans…

February 2015


The Kodiak design started in 1999 with the aim to provide a rugged turbo-prop aircraft capable of carrying up to…

November 2014

Private Jet Travel

Private jet travel is a popular means of transportation in the United States and Europe. Company executives utilize private jets…

September 2014

Fractional Programs: Why Buy or Lease a Fractional Share?

Learn about the best time to consider a fractional share, and take a look at the two immaculate aircraft that we have on the market.

August 2014

Fractional Programs: Do You Really Own a Piece of the Aircraft?

Find out about fractional ownership, and take a look at the new asking prices on the aircraft that we have on the market.

July 2014

Celebrating Jet Advisors’ 10th Anniversary

Jet Advisors celebrates its’ 10th anniversary, and take a look at the turnkey aircraft that we have on the market.

June 2014

Get the Fractional Share that Fits Your Needs

Read the latest blog post on combining commercial and private aviation, and take a look at the beautiful aircraft that we have on the market.

May 2014

Get The Most Out of Your Flights

Read the latest blog post on combining commercial and private aviation, and take a look at the beautiful aircraft that we have on the market.

April 2014

Spring Forward with Our Trip Cost Estimator

Learn about the Trip Cost Estimator and how it can help you plan your next getaway. Read the latest blog post on avoiding the too good to be true deal, and take a look at the three beautiful aircraft that we have on the market.

March 2014

Aviation in the News

Learn about the dangers of laser pointers and how to work with flight anxiety. Also, take a look at three superb aircraft that we have on the market.

February 2014

Introducing VolTraq™

Learn about changes that are coming, and about considerations with different airports. Also, take a look at the three aircraft that we have on the market.

January 2014

Findings from a Jet Auditor™

Learn about industry standards and Jet Auditing™, and learn about travel during peak days. Also, take a look at the three aircraft that we have on the market.

December 2013

Switching Fractional Companies

Read about switching fractional providers, findings from Jet Auditing™, and take a look at the aircraft we have on the market.

November 2013

Introducing FuelTraq™

Find out about a new fuel program we are working on, and take a look at the beautiful new 1996 Learjet 31A that we just brought to market.

October 2013

Jet Auditing Lite

Find out about Jet Auditing Lite, aircraft that we have on the market, and plan your holiday travel with our Trip Cost Estimator.

September 2013

Embraer Legacy 600

Find out about the Legacy 600, aircraft that we have on the market, and our new website.

August 2013

Cessna Citation CJ1

The design of the Citation Jet CJ1 focuses on simplicity, economy, and performance.

July 2013

Jets in July

The Learjet 31A, announced in 1990, replaced the Learjet 31 with several modifications, with the biggest change in the flight deck. The Lear 31A comes equipped with a Bendix King avionics system.

June 2013

Celebrate Summer with Jet Advisors

The June 2013 issue of the Jet Advisors newsletter features an article on the Hawker 800 series and related aircraft Hawker 750 & Hawker 900XP. Download our new and improved acquisitions paper, How to Buy a Jet.

May 2013

Fly High with Jet Advisors

The May 2013 issue of the Jet Advisors newsletter features an article on Bombardier’s Challenger series, focusing on the Challenger 604 and 605.

April 2013

Fly Through April with Jet Advisors

The winter of 2013 stretched a little longer than we expected.

April’s newsletter features a late-season article on the difficulty of clearing Northeast reliever airports like Hanscom of snow.

March 2013

Spring Forward with Jet Advisors

Are you planning take any spring trips? Learn how Jet Advisors can help you plan for your travel expenses. Browse our most popular posts on the Forbes Business Aviation blog, and find out more about our featured free download offer of the month: 10 Reasons to Use Jet Auditing.

February 2013

Happy February from Jet Advisors

We’re applying for patents! Learn about the Reverse Webinar, and catch up on our latest blog posts.

January 2013

New Year, New Widgets  |  PDF: Jet Advisors Newsletter 1.02

Introduces two new widgets to help our clients & website visitors plan for their travels.

December 2012

Reintroducing Jet Advisors  |  PDF: Jet Advisors Newsletter 1.01

Introduces our Jet Auditing service as well as the Private Jet Index.